Split Airport – Then and Now

Split Airport is a bustling, successful airport at the heart of the Dalmatia region of Croatia, on the west coast of the country. Built in 1996, it is also known as Resnik Airport and has many domestic and international destinations popular with business travelers and tourists. Split Airport proved to be so popular that after having been open for only a year, it was enlarged in 1967 with additional facilities, which included duty-free shopping.

In 1988 there was a political crisis in Croatia, leading to decreased air traffic, and in September 1991, Split Airport was closed to all traffic due to the ensuing war. However, Split Airport reopened in 1992, primarily used for military aircraft, although passenger and cargo planes began to increase all the time. During that time period, thousands of tons of humanitarian aid were sent through Split Airport, making it a crucial location for aiding the country of Croatia. Between 1992 and 1995, a total of 37,423 aircraft passed through Split Airport.

Following this, with a more stable political climate, military aircraft decreased whilst civil and passenger flights increased. As time went on, throughout the rest of the 1990s and early 2000s, Split Airport became used more and more for domestic and international flights. As such, opportunities for leisure and duty-free shopping increased.

Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, and as such, there are many more flights in and out of Split Airport, and with that additional and improved facilities, such as duty-free shopping, within the airport have been provided. In 2004 the passenger terminal was enlarged, and there were further renovations taken out in 2009, making this a truly adapting and modern airport to fly to, whatever your travel needs. In 2015 Split was the second busiest airport in Croatia.

As you would expect for such a thriving travel hub, there are a number of Split Airport duty-free shopping opportunities. After passing through security, travelers have a choice of eight different duty-free stores, cafes, bars, and restaurants to choose from. These include the type of stores you would expect, from newsagents to gift stores. The produce you can buy from Split Airport duty-free includes alcohol and tobacco products as well as perfumes, cosmetics, sunglasses, confections, and gifts.

Split Airport is easily reachable from a number of locations within Croatia, being situated just 6km from the town of Trogir and 20km from Split itself. There are good public transport links with Split Airport, as well as shuttle buses, ferries, and taxis available. Split Airport itself has a car park as well as car hire services being available locally, so however you plan to travel to and from the airport (with your duty-free shopping!), there are plenty of options available.

In terms of facilities, there are three different restaurants and cafes to choose from so that you can relax and enjoy a duty-free meal, drink, or snack while you wait for your flight. Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends and family, make the most of the opportunity to take a break, dining out in a duty-free environment.

Whatever your reason for travel, stopping to enjoy the rich history as well as the duty-free facilities at Split Airport is a great idea.